Shrink Sleeve Etiket S5STAR


The Brilliant Product-DecorationShrink Sleeves S5STAR

CCL Label presents S5STAR, Shrink Sleeves adorned with Swarovski elements. Precious crystals placed automatically and accurately on a premium-quality decoration film.

S5STAR for Premium-Brands, Products & Events in the Lifestyle-Segment

  • Exciting, luxurious, breathtaking, individual and experience orientated
  • The product decoration can be used as a highlight for sales, customer and events strategies 
  • Present brands and products in a spectacular and brilliant way
  • "Lifestyle Thinking"  - a fact of course for premium and lifestyle brands.

Breathtakingly Spectacular

Lifestyle is an approach to life! S5STAR creates lasting glamour & lifestyle for your target group.

Stage your exquisite food & beverages or high-end cosmetic products additionally with S5STAR. You can create new distribution channels, increases market shares and strengthens the brand awarness.