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Stretch Sleeves

Enlabeling InnovationStretch Sleeves

CCL was the first company worldwide to launch the Triple S® – Super Stretch Sleeve which allows application to bottles which previously could only be labeled with Shrink Sleeves.

The Sleeves are stretched and applied to the container without the use of adhesives or heat. A shrink tunnel is not needed for the application.

The natural elasticity is all that is required to hold the sleeves in place. Cost savings up to 50% are possible compared to the Shrink Sleeve technology.


  • Cost savings
  • Energy savings
  • Perfect and tight fit even after opening the container
  • Easy recycling
  • Small carbon footprint


CCL is very pro-active minimizing its environmental impact.

The carbon footprint of Triple S® is 4 times smaller than that of the shrink sleeves. The extremely low density films allow an easy and clean separation for recycling. The combination of less raw material and lack of required shrink tunnel allows stretch sleeves to be the environmentally friendliest sleeve solution.

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